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Dolphin Text Editor Menu  v.2.7

Dolphin Text Editor Menu expands the functionality of any text editor. It doesn't replace your current text editors - it makes them better. Dolphin Text Editor Menu works with any software where you can type sentences or paragraphs. This includes:

Reiner Notes  v.2.1

Reiner Notes is a simple, small and portable text editor that is written in C#. Altough it does not have as many features as other more common text editors, it offers a quick and handy solution for editiong your text files.

TreeSheets  v.2009-1-25

A free form hierarchical information organizer. The ultimate replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, PIMs, text editors and small databases.

Trellian SpellCheck  v.1.0

Trellian SpellCheck is an extremely efficient spell checking utility that allows you to thoroughly check documents from the outside - in. No longer do you have to open complicated text editors just to make sure there are no spelling errors. With

Tool Installer  v.1.1

The program provides a unified interface for (re)installing programming tools into different IDEs and Text Editors. Use one xml file for storing all the essential tools one may use. Backup the tool settings of different programming environments. All

CEdit Professional  v.1.0

cEdit is an advanced and free alternative to both common text editors, and IDE's. It has many of the features found in shareware editors, including extensive language support, function listing, built in FTP, projects, and docking

DocSynch  v.0.9.1

DocSynch is a collaborative editing system on top of IRC. By transforming single-user editors into multi-user editors, it allows to remotely edit text documents together. Implementations are targeted as extensions to many popular text editors and

GroupKit  v.5.2.0

GroupKit is a Tcl/Tk library that makes it easy to prototype and build real-time collaborative applications (groupware), such as multi-user drawing tools, text editors, meeting tools, and much

LavaPE  v.rc

Lava is an experimental, innovative, object-oriented, interpretive programming language and an associated programming environment LavaPE which provides syntax-sensitive point-and-click style structure editors instead of text editors for program

Rdelfiles  v.1.0

Deletes files with a specific name in directories and sub"?directories specified. By default and without indicating the name of the file deletes temporary files (with extension ~) in some text editors. It run in terminal

Xsh - an XML Editing Shell  v.

XSH is a powerfull command-line XML editing tool/programming language in the manner of Unix shell interpreters and line-oriented text editors like ed which can be used either interactively or for batch-mode XML

Rib-mode  v.1.0

RenderMan(R) Interface Bytestream (RIB) ASCII major mode for Emacs-based text editors. Adds configurable syntax highlighting and indentation to your text editing experience. RenderMan(R) is a registered trademark of Pixar.

Staks  v.1.0

Staks ("Selected Text and Keyboard Shortcuts") is a text editor for programmers and advanced end-users. It combines the keyboard-based efficiency of the VI and Vim text editors with the selection-based functionality of the Wily text editor.

Pad - The Texteditor that looks good  v.1.0

Pad is a skinnable, cool and functionable text editor with many different skins. It can do the stuff all other text editors can do but with a better look and feel!

DAVTECH-Apps  v.1.0

Applications for daily use. Like browsers, text editors, and others. This is also a place to find great tools.

Ruby Writer  v.1.0

Ruby Writer is an online text editor written in Ruby on Rails and AJAX. Unlike most text editors on the Internet, it manages whole book projects with support for custom styles, commenting, change tracking, spell checking, thesaurus and more.

TXTEditor  v.1.0

A project aiming to create a java based text-editor. It is supposed to be as cross-platform as possible and have a number of advanced features not available in basic text-editors.

Svengali  v.1.0

Aims to be a vector IDE for publishing SVG among other things. Svengali core is a python webkit interface that communicates with various creation and display tools over DBus. Interfaces with text editors, browsers, InkScape, apache, cad, ...

Terminal Properties auto-detection lib  v.1.0

Source library for auto-detection of terminal properties, for use in screen-oriented applications (like text editors) in a text-mode terminal.Detects:terminal encoding (esp. Unicode),wide/combining characters support,CJK support,Unicode version...

Vrapper for Linux  v.0.18.0

Vrapper is an eclipse plugin which acts as a wrapper for eclipse text editors to provide a Vim-like input scheme for moving around and editing text.

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